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Best Plastic Surgeon in Faridabad

Dr. Kiranmayi Atla

Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Faridabad

MBBS, MS (General Surgery)
MCh (Plastic Surgery, PGIM ER Chandigarh)

Consultant Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon

To find a talented plastic surgeon with a keen eye for body aesthetics who invests time in detailed discussions ,to understand the client’s concerns, make best recommendations based on their knowledge and experience, and deliver the results to match their expectations could be a daunting task. The good news is that it’s the end of this search.

Dr. Kiranmayi Atla, a Board Certified Senior Plastic surgeon practicing in Faridabad is highly sought after for all these good things together. She’s the Director of the Beauty And The Cut cosmetic center and is one of the best cosmetic surgeon in Faridabad. She has been associated with Metro Hospital, Faridabad, Accord Superspeciality Hospital and SSB hospitals. Trained extensively in premier institutes in Reconstructive and Aesthetic plastic surgery she has vast experience in various Government and Private organizations.

Educational qualifications

  • M.Ch Plastic Surgery from the prestigious institute of PGIMER Chandigarh.
  • MBBS from Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam.
  • MS -Post-graduation in General surgery from Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam.

Work experience

  • Metro Hospital, Faridabad
  • Accord Suprespeciality Hospital, Faridabad
  • QRG Hospital, Faridabad
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi
  • Indus Hospital, Visakhapatnam
  • King George Hospital, Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam
  • Fortis Hospital, Faridabad

During her service at King George Hospital, besides having shown keen interest in teaching postgraduates including other academic activities she was actively involved in various camps and campaigns held by the hospital like:

  • Cleft camp
  • Tendon transfer camps
  • B@reast cancer and reconstruction awareness campaign

She received special training in aesthetic surgery and injectable treatments like neurotoxin and fillers from various renowned cosmetic surgeons of Delhi NCR, She’s trained in hair transplant from Medispa Center at Jaipur.

As a leading and the best plastic surgeon in Faridabad, she has performed numerous reconstructive and aesthetic procedures to her credit including trauma reconstruction, complex hand surgeries including replantation, cancer reconstruction, cleft maxillofacial surgeries, various cosmetic procedures of the face, b-reast, and body and managed acute burn patients along with delayed burn reconstructions during her 15 years of practice of plastic surgery.

She is a member of IAPS (Indian Association of Plastic Surgeons) and IAAPS (Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons).

Dr. Kiranmayi’s special areas of interest are b@reast and body contouring procedures and facial aesthetics. Being a female surgeon, her patient, soft and gentle manners enable great freedom of communication and an immediate sense of connection with her female clients. Dr. Kiranmayi ensures that her patients feel free to discuss their intimate concerns, and this further helps put the patients at ease during examination and treatments. During the consultation, she makes efforts to clear all their doubts, suggests treatment options, makes them completely aware of what should be expected from the proposed procedure, the pros and cons of it and expected recovery. She makes sure that patients are well informed before they consent to the procedure.

Dr. Kiranmayi’s technical skill is matched not only by her pleasant manners but by the professionalism, precision, and attention to detail that have kept her patients highly satisfied for many years. She is passionate about giving the best results to her patients and makes comprehensive treatment plans to best suit their needs and lifestyle. She strongly believes that aesthetic surgery is not only for the rich and elite, it is for all in whom a perceived flaw of their body holds them back from complete self-expression.


Every person has the right to look and feel good about their body. Something about their body which one feels is not right, which may be from birth or has grown wrong, developed following an accident or later in life due to sun exposure, pollution, pregnancy, lactation or due to natural aging, dietary habits, weight gain or loss, certain diseases or medications, recreational habits – blame it on whomever, the damage is done. If the question in mind is not whether it needs to be fixed but how, where and at what cost, you are here at the right place!

During the thirties and forties when the ticking time brings in the signs of aging you may be peaking your career, or just have decided to tie the knot, that’s the time to celebrate your success and to look your best. Some people may be struggling not only to get back to work but also into shape after the recent parenthood experience; with Beauty & The Cut Dr. Kiranmayi aims to help them all.

She strongly believes that plastic surgery is for all for whom quality of life matters irrespective of age, gender, and social status. As the best cosmetic surgeon in Faridabad, she makes it opportune to all who seek physical transformation by being more approachable, affordable, and by providing the most natural results to flaunt.

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A woman who understands the power of her femininity knows she is of high value. She is confident in who she truly is. Most females consider bre@sts as markers of femininity and sexuality. They are poignant of any deviation from normal. Changes in bre@sts following pregnancy, lactation, massive weight loss and ageing are common.



Face is the first thing you see when you look into the mirror each day and is the first feature of you that is presentable which leaves the visual impression of your identity. If one or more of your facial features affect the way you feel about your image, you may consider facial enhancement to accentuate your natural beauty and help you feel your very best.



Men and women of all ages increasingly discovering how their outer physique reflects how they feel inside. A well-toned fit appearance can make you feel more confident, feel proud of your figure and conveniently allow you fit into your dream wardrobe. Enlisted procedures help bring out the best of your silhouette.



Beautiful flawless even toned skin is something to long for. Sun exposure, pollution, life style, aging and beauty products all being too harsh steal away the natural glow from the skin making it dull, giving rise to wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and texture. Skin and medical spa treatments revitalize and rejuvenate your appearance with minimal downtime. They offer subtle improvements and benefit those who might not need facial surgery.