Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck in Faridabad

Tummy Tuck in Faridabad

What is tummy tuck surgery?

TUMMY TUCK technically known as ABDOMINOPLASTY is the surgical procedure that contours the midsection of the body. Other advantages are repositioning and shaping the belly button, shaping the curvature of flanks, and getting rid of stretch marks.

Weight gain in both men and women causes excess fat accumulation subcutaneously around the abdomen and waist. Stubborn fat deposits in the sides of the waist popularly called the “love handles” are seen even in those who workout regularly and follow healthy eating habits. Men may have excess visceral fat, in addition, resulting in the protruding tummy. The fat all around the belly which overhangs the waistband on the tight jeans forms the infamous “muffin tops”. A tummy tuck is a surgery that helps get rid of the hanging panniculus encircling the lower trunk, whatever they are named.

Overweight individuals with deformed contours of the abdomen due to as a result of their lifestyle, or following one or more childbirth or following massive weight loss, who have a hanging panniculus which can be pinched between the fingers are the most benefitted by a tummy tuck. Let the shape not steal away the baby joy or the joy of the weight targets achieved.

The loose skin hanging about the waist can be addressed by tummy tuck surgery, which in addition makes the abdomen tight to achieve the best results of your exercise. Usually done along with liposuction, the flattering flatter abdomen is just one decision away.

The benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

  • The loose and sagging skin with excess fat deposits around the torso can be cast aside.
  • The bad stretch marks of the lower abdomen not responding to creams and other therapies can be eliminated.
  • The belly button which is stretched across and lowered down can be made to stand proud at a higher level.
  • The muscles of the abdomen that get stretched apart can be brought to the center and tightened up together making the abdomen firm.
  • Fullness in the upper abdomen can also be leveled down.
  • Tightening of the abdomen also restores the shape of the flanks.
  • All the excess fat deposits around the torso can be suctioned away bringing back beautiful contours.

Ideal Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery

An ideal candidate for a tummy tuck is someone who has one or more of the above concerns and wishes to improve the shape of the waist and abdomen. Only liposuction would not suffice for them to achieve the desired results. They should understand the course of the surgical procedure and the expected outcomes. Each body is unique and the outcomes of surgery vary depending on the body type, the severity of the problems, and the procedure opted for and not only on the technique.

Mid-section body contouring procedures are extensive surgeries and patients with comorbid illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases should be well controlled before the operation. Smoking is associated with an increased risk of postoperative complications and they should be willing to quit perioperatively.

Types of Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty

Based on how excess is the skin laxity, how many circumferences of the mid-portion are involved, and the distribution of fat pockets, the extent of the surgery is decided.

1. MINI ABDOMINOPLASTY: This is the preferred technique when the skin laxity, excess fat is in moderation and is confined to the lower abdomen below the umbilicus. An ellipse of tissue is excised and the abdomen flattened out. Young women with one or more pregnancies are normally the candidates for mini-abdominoplasty. Women undergoing a tummy tuck, who wish to conceive later in life can opt for this procedure.

2. FULL ABDOMINOPLASTY: When both the supra and infraumbilical portions of the front of the abdomen are the areas of concern with skin laxity, which is usually the case in majority of the women following one or more pregnancies. The umbilicus is distorted and there are stretch marks spread along the abdomen. There may be associated divarication of the rectus muscle. A typical abdominoplasty involves five essential steps to address these issues.

3. LIPOABDOMINOPLASTY: This is the most widely practiced technique of abdominoplasty to achieve the best results with decreased risk of postoperative complications. The extent of undermining of the abdominal flap is limited when compared to the classic abdominoplasty and the areas are dealt with liposuction preserving the blood supply of the skin.

4. CIRCUMFERENTIAL LIPECTOMY: Massive weight loss patients have excess skin hanging in the torso circumferentially. So, circumferential or belt lipectomy is a procedure in which skin is excised all-around to get the desired results.

Consult a qualified Surgeon For Tummy Tuck in Faridabad

Patients seeking lower trunk contour correction operation must have a direct consultation with Dr. Kiranmayi Atla, plastic surgeon to discuss their body concerns. After a thorough examination and a few investigations, the decision regarding the type of surgery most suitable would be decided and the perioperative course explained.

Steps involved in the procedure of Abdominoplasty

For Tummy Tuck in Faridabad, Dr. Kiranmayi Atla follows these procedural steps:

  • It is done under regional anesthesia or general anesthesia based on the extent of the planned procedure.
  • Markings are done preoperatively in a standing position as to how much of the skin is to be excised (assessed by the pinch test). The areas of liposuction are also marked in case of lipoabdominoplasty.
  • During the surgery, the skin flap is raised, pulled down and, excess skin is discarded.
  • The rectus muscle is brought together in the midline and repaired.
  • The umbilicus is recreated.
  • The skin flap is redraped and stitched back to give a flatter abdominal wall and shapely waist.
  • Drains are placed to evacuate any collected blood.
  • Patients undergoing mini-abdominoplasty are discharged on the same day but for the ones who undergo more extensive procedures, one or two days of post-operative stay is preferred.

Post-operative Care

  • Patients require bed rest for 1-2 days and need to keep a slightly flexed position for a few days to avoid tension on the stitch line.
  • They are advised not to strain their abdomen postoperatively.
  • Drains placed are removed at 2-3 days.
  • Absorbable sutures are used and they need not be removed.
  • They need to use an abdominal binder or pressure garment for 3 months.

Results of Tummy Tuck/ Abdominoplasty

Results of abdominoplasty can be best appreciated at 2-3 months when all the swelling subsides and scars settle down. This results in a flat, firm, and smooth abdomen.

FAQ’s about Abdominoplasty

Q.1 Will the scars of abdominoplasty be visible?

Ans. Scars of abdominoplasty are hidden behind the panty line and are not visible.

Q.2 Will the fat removed during tummy tuck come back?

Ans. After tummy tuck or liposuction, one needs to workout at home or gym, make healthier food choices and watch the calorie intake to prevent the fat from coming back. The fat cells which are removed don’t come back but the ones left back do hypertrophy if the patient does not adhere to diet and exercise.

Q.3 How is the post-operative recovery from a tummy tuck?

Ans. Pain during the immediate post-surgery period is managed with regular analgesics which may be required for 5-7 days. They have to maintain a slightly flexed posture during this time during walking or and knee and hip flexed at rest. It takes about 2 -3 weeks for the patient to walk straight comfortably and resume work. Patients may experience tightness of the discomfort which settles down in this time. Yoga and high-intensity exercises can be resumed at 6 months.

Q.4 Who are not the candidates for abdominoplasty?


  • Morbidly obese individuals who are seeking a quick fix to their weight are not ideal candidates. They need to lose weight before considering a tummy tuck for contouring the lower trunk.
  • When the distribution of fat is visceral or intraabdominal, they may not benefit from abdominoplasty alone. Visceral fat best melts away with exercise and diet.
  • Patients with comorbid illnesses not well regulated are at high risk for complications and are not ideal candidates for abdominoplasty.

Q.5 Can one consider getting pregnant after the tummy tuck surgery?

Ans. The tummy tuck is ideally to be considered after completing the family when no further pregnancy is planned. One can consider getting pregnant after a tummy tuck, the body allows the degree of abdominal expansion to accommodate the baby. All the changes in the abdomen for which the surgery has been undertaken tend to come back after pregnancy and they may require a repeat procedure. That’s the only reason it is suggested that one undergoes abdominoplasty only after completing the family.

Q.6 By what time are the results of tummy tuck visible?

Ans. Gross changes in the shape of the abdomen can be appreciated at 2-3 weeks. Final results of a tummy tuck can be seen at 3-6 months when the swelling subsides and the scars settle down.

Q.7 What is the cost of a tummy tuck?

Ans. Tummy tuck cost in Faridabad is highly variable depending on the extent of the procedure, whether associated with liposuction, or other procedures. It ranges from 1 -3 lakh approximately. On consultation at the Beauty and the Cut clinic, a complete evaluation is done and a customized estimate would be provided.