Bre@st Lift

Bre@st Lift Surgery in Faridabad

No need to get disappointed each time you look at your sagging bre@st which has lost its youthful look . It is now possible to correct the droop of the bre@st and lift them up surgically by the procedure called mastopexy or the bre@st lift surgery. The procedure recenters the mass of the bre@st lying at a lower level on the chest on to a higher position and also gives an impression of increased volume. It helps get rid of excess loose skin of the bre@st and makes the bre@st look fuller and youthful . The areola size and symmetry and the position of the nipple can be corrected as desired.

Depending on the severity of ptosis of bre@st and the surgical procedure chosen. You will have scars on the bre@st that are well concealed. This may be combined with implant bre@st augmentation to minimize scars or if added volume is desired.