Hair Transplant

Best Hair Transplant in Faridabad

Dense and shiny hair is considered maker of youth, vitality and good health. Henceforth thinning of hair, hair loss and baldness has dramatic impact on the persons appearance and self esteem . Male pattern baldness is common strongly influenced by genetic and environmental factors. Females are also affected in significant numbers genetics, hormones ,hair treatments and stylings contributing to the loss. Fortunately several hair restoration solutions are now available to their rescue. Topical lotions ,PRP injections ,mesotherapy, low level laser therapy help restore the lost thickness and volume of the hair. Surgical hair transplant can recreate the hair line and regrow hair in the bald regions with good results both in men and women. This is done by FUT and FUE techniques in which hair follicles are harvested from the same persons scalp from the areas resistant hair fall and implanted in the bald regions resulting in hair regrowth that looks so natural and requires minimal maintenance.