Gynecomastia in Faridabad

Gynecomastia In Faridabad

What is Gynecomastia surgery and for whom?

Not all br-east issues are confined to women. Disproportionate enlargement of the br-east in men to mimic that of the female br-east is quite a distressing situation. The enlargement may be due to glandular hypertrophy (gynecomastia) or due to fat deposition (pseudo gynecomastia) which is the usual case. Surgery for Gynecomastia in Faridabad is the operative procedure to reduce the size of the male br-east. It is done by liposuction, excision of the gland, or both. Troubled men who underwent this surgery describe it as a “rewarding” and “life-changing” procedure.

Overdevelopment of male br-easts most commonly occurs due to an imbalance of male testosterone and female estrogen hormones seen during the pubertal growth spurt. It’s hoped to settle down or reverse with time but usually does not. Gynecomastia in Faridabad may be secondary to obesity, some medications, liver disease, or is seen in a few endocrine disorders.

The flab on the male chest robs away their mental peace and they feel desperate to get rid of it. Most of the alternative treatments resorted to in desperation like native medicines, fat burning pills, exercises or diets, or even hormonal therapies mainly due to lack of awareness are actually not fruitful.

Unfortunately, the only effective treatment for this condition is surgical.

Enlarged br-easts in males have a huge psychological impact on the beholder affecting their confidence, social presentation, choice of dressing, and sporting activities. Men may feel embarrassed to bare their chest in public and avoid visiting pools or beaches. They shun away fitting clothes. Few suffer anxiety and severe depression because of their br-east size. All that these men need is just to consent and spare a day of their life to have themselves transformed for good.

Consultation: Pre-op discussion for Surgery of Gynecomastia in Faridabd

The initial prerequisite to achieving their goal is to consult an expert surgeon with good experience in managing such cases. They need to speak out their concerns and have all the queries answered. The treatment options and the course are to be discussed downright. A thorough physical examination is conducted and a few investigations are ordered preoperatively to assess their fitness for anesthesia and surgery. Smokers need to quit smoking at least two weeks before surgery. Patients in whom secondary causes are suggested by history and examination may require further investigations or an endocrinology consultation.

The procedure of Surgery for Gynecomastia in Faridabad

On the day of surgery, makings are done in the areas that are required to be addressed. The surgery for Gynecomastia in Faridabad is done under general anesthesia as a daycare procedure. It is done by liposuction where all the excess fat present in br-easts is suctioned out from the marked areas using blunt cannulas. This is done through one or two minute incisions on the chest that are hardly visible. An additional cut is required to remove the br-east gland. This cut is given along the lower portion of the areolar margin is 0f 2-3cm.

If the nipple-areola is disproportionately large they may choose to undergo a reduction of the nipple /areola at the same time to match the male dimensions. No drains are used after surgery. The surgical procedure lasts for 1-2 hours. The skin on the chest retracts well and skin excision is usually not required in most cases. The resulting scars of surgery blend so well leaving no tell-tale sign of surgical intervention.

Post-op recovery

A compression vest is given immediately post-surgery or a day later.

Routine self-care activities can be resumed from the next day of surgery for Gynecomastia in Faridabad. There may be some oozing from the incision sites for 1-2 days.

Pressure garment needs to be worn for 2-3 months postoperatively.

Men can appreciate the change in the shape of their chest immediately post-surgery. Gynecomastia surgery has a huge positive impact on men’s lives.

FAQs on Gynecomastia Surgery

Q.1 What is the appropriate age to undergo gynecomastia surgery?

Ans. Any time after 17-18 years when most boys complete puberty is the appropriate age for gynecomastia surgery. Younger boys with severe psychological issues are operated on at earlier age.

Q.2 Do extensive workouts in the gym or nutritional supplements are taken by them lead to enlargement of male br-easts?

Ans. No, workouts in the gym do not lead to gynecomastia but definitely bring to notice the minor enlargement of the br-east which stands out from the pectoral muscle. Nutritional supplements containing steroids may cause br-east enlargement in men.

Q.3 When can I return to work after gynecomastia surgery?

Ans. A desk job can be resumed at 5-7 days after surgery.

Q.4 When can I resume working out?

Ans. It is encouraged to workout after gynecomastia surgery to maintain the results but not so early as to interfere with recovery and healing.

Light walking is allowed at 2 weeks. Exercise at the gym should be restricted to cardio for a month. Arm and chest exercises should begin at 2 months initially with machines and gradually over to weights.

Q.5 What are the possible complications of gynecomastia surgery?

Ans. Blood collections, fluid collections, delayed wound healing,

unfavorable scars, contour abnormalities of the chest are a few complications that can occur locally. In addition, there are risks of general anesthesia.

Q.6 How many post-operative visits are required?

Ans. At least 2 post-operative visits are required to check the healing and for stitch removal.

Q.7 Compression vest to be worn for how long after gynecomastia surgery?

Ans. A compression vest prevents the formation of hematomas or seromas and helps in retraction of the skin over the chest and is recommended to be used for 2 months post-surgery.

Q.8 What is the cost of surgery for gynecomastia in Faridabad?

Ans. The cost of surgery for Gynecomastia in Faridabad at the Beauty & The Cut depends on the type of anesthesia, the extent of surgery, the technology used, and additional procedures. It ranges from INR 50000-150000. On consultation with the surgeon, they would be assessed and a customized estimate provided based on the abovementioned factor.

Q.9 Will I require skin excision during my gynecomastia surgery?

Ans. Skin excision is not done primarily during gynecomastia surgery as it usually retracts well. VASER liposuction causes excellent retraction of the skin. A compression garment is helpful too. In rare cases, if required it is done several months after the primary procedure.

Q. 10 Will the br-easts regrow after gynecomastia surgery?

Ans. Since a majority of cases are idiopathic and puberty-related, once treated recurrence is unlikely.