Bre@st Reduction

Bre@st Reduction In Faridabad

Bre@st Reduction Surgery or Reduction Mammaplasty is the procedure in which a portion of the bre@st is removed to reduce its size.


The position of the nipple-areola complex is raised to a higher level and the sagging of the bre@st is also corrected.


Surgical reduction in the size of the bre@st comes as a boon to the patients with huge bre@sts (macromastia) which is a constant source of embarrassment to them.

Why do women opt for Br-east Reduction surgery?

  • Women with macromastia are physically and psychologically distressed by the excessive growth of their br-easts. They experience distaste and a sense of shame towards their br-east.
  • Apart from the fact that the large-sized br-easts limit their choice of clothing, they also alter the choice of their sporting activities. These women are usually underconfident and shy away from social presentation. They are subject to uncomfortable glances, mockery, and face rude comments.
  • Large br-easts are also physically disabling and most women seek treatment because of physical symptoms like chronic neck and back pain, shoulder pain, br-east pain, and the change in posture. They develop deep grooves on their shoulders due to bra straps. They sweat a lot under the creases of the br-east, feel smelly, and are prone to skin infections.
  • Some women may naturally have gross asymmetry of their br-easts so they choose to have the larger br-east reduced to match the other one.

If a few or most of the concerns mentioned above have been bothering a woman, it’s time to consider reduction mammaplasty.

What is the ideal age for Br-east Reduction surgery?

Br-east reduction surgery suits all age groups. Young women during the pubertal growth spurt leading to macromastia, women after childbirth and lactation with secondary hypertrophy, stretch marks, and sagging br-easts, or elderly women with exaggerated physical symptoms caused by overweight br-easts are ideal candidates for br-east reduction surgery.

How to prepare for surgery?

Women in whom the oversized br-east has a huge impact on their life and are considering treatment, should consult an expert plastic surgeon with experience in managing such cases. During a consultation with Dr. Kiranmayi Atla, a board-certified plastic surgeon, women are given a patient hearing to all the ways their br-easts bother them. Being a female surgeon, patients find it easy to liaise with her and feel greatly comforted.

Dr. Kiranmayi would perform a detailed examination and elucidate the entire treatment plan for the patient. The planned surgical procedure, recovery, and outcomes expected are discussed in detail. Reduction mammoplasty is a major surgical procedure done under general anesthesia.

  • Patients with comorbid illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, or cardiac diseases should be stabilized before surgery.
  • Smokers should quit at least two weeks before surgery.

Surgical procedure

  • How much of br-east mass and skin is to be excised and in which portion of the br-east, how much higher the nipple is to be raised is decided after complete assessment and marked preoperatively.
  • Surgically a wedge of br-east tissue is excised and discarded.
  • The remaining br-east is rearranged and stitched in place resulting in an aesthetically pleasing smaller-sized br-east with a higher position of nipple-areola.
  • Scars on the br-east are placed in a manner that they are least visible.
  • We adopt the latest techniques and technology to minimize the risk of post-surgery complications and produce the best results.
  • Patients are discharged on the same day or the next day with a pressure dressing.

Recovery after a Br-east Reduction surgery

  • The patients are prescribed antibiotics and pain medication postoperatively.
  • Self-care activities and ambulation can begin in a day or two following surgery.
  • They should comply with the post-operative visits for optimum results.
  • Post-operative recovery time is usually 7-10 days during which swelling and discomfort of the br-east settle significantly and they are ready to resume office jobs.
  • Absorbable sutures are used and they need not be removed. A supportive bra is given in the postoperative period which is to be worn for 6-8 weeks.
  • Br-easts continue to remodel for several months after surgery before the final shape appears.

Results of a Br-east Reduction surgery

Br-east reduction surgery is a life-transforming surgery and brings huge relief to women after having shed the excess weight from their br-easts. Reduction mammoplasty not only relieves them of their chronic pains but also improves their confidence and social life.

Most women consider oversized br-easts as a normal inherited feature and due to lack of awareness endure all the discomfort it brings and continues to live with them. Some are apprehensive about the altered sexuality and ability to br-eastfeed after surgery and defy treatment. At Beauty & The Cut Clinic, after a detailed consultation, one can have all their fears addressed and make a pertinent decision.

Gone are the orthodox concepts where only the voluptuous bosom was considered beautiful. Women are increasingly considering a better quality of life and embracing procedures to have br-easts that are proportionate to body size and the ones which are comfortable to carry with acceptable risks.

FAQs about Br-east Reduction surgery

Q.1 Is br-east reduction surgery safe?

Ans. Br-east reduction surgery is a safe procedure associated with the usual risks of general anesthesia and any major surgery in otherwise healthy patients. Risk increases in the presence of uncontrolled comorbid illness.

Q.2 Can one achieve the reduction to a desired cup size of the br-east by reduction mammoplasty?

Ans. It is not always possible to achieve the reduction to the cup size as demanded by the patient, the final decision as to how much br-east tissue is to be excised or retained is decided intraoperatively by the surgeon keeping in mind the patient’s demand and what best suits their body proportions.

Q.3 Will the scars be visible on the br-east after reduction mammoplasty?

Ans. Yes, a portion of the scar in the lower half of the br-east will be visible. Incisions are placed along the areolar margin and along the inframammary crease that settle well with time and are hardly seen.

Q.4 What are the complications of reduction mammoplasty?

Ans. Post-operative complications possible after reduction mammaplasty include bleeding, wound infection, wound dehiscence, formation of hematoma or seroma in the br-east, unsightly scars on the br-east, the inappropriate position of the nipple-areola complex, partial necrosis of the NAC, asymmetry of the br-east. The risk of complications reduces if performed by a board-certified experienced plastic surgeon.

Q.5 Will br-east reduction surgery reduce sexuality?

Ans. There will be some loss of sensations of the nipple due to a circumferential areolar scar. Otherwise, br-east reduction surgery does not interfere with sexuality.

Q.6 What is gigantomastia? How is br-east reduction surgery different in such patients?

Ans. Gigantomastia is the condition in which the size of the br-easts is so large as to require up to 1.5-2 kg reduction. These women have br-easts reaching the navel or beyond. These women usually require amputation of the br-east with free nipple grafting.

Q.7 How does it feel after br-east reduction surgery?

Ans. Br-east reduction surgery brings great relief from the psychological stress as well as the chronic pains they suffer from. Patients experience a sense of well-being and feel much more confident.

Q.8 Is br-eastfeeding possible after br-east reduction surgery?

Ans. Br-east reduction surgery retains the anatomical continuity of a segment of the br-east gland and br-eastfeeding is possible. However, decreased nipple sensation may hinder br-eastfeeding in some.

Q.9 Can br-east reduction surgery be considered during teenage and in twenties?

Ans. Yes, br-east reduction surgery can be considered in teens and twenties with their parents’ consent, if they cause severe symptoms.

Q.10 What is the cost of br-east reduction surgery in Faridabad?

Ans. The cost of br-east reduction surgery varies from 1.25 to 2 lakhs and varies based on the extent of surgery and the materials used.

Q.11 Is br-east reduction surgery covered under health insurance?

Ans. Yes, since the hypertrophied br-east is the cause of many physical ailments, and not purely for cosmetic indications most private health insurance companies cover for br-east reduction surgery.